There Are No Grown-Ups – Sixteen Short Stories


Role: Author

Malton was where many of us grew up. It's just a town. A town that has nothing to say really. It's where most of these stories originated.

"Danny was a dirty, tired, hungry boy of nine years. He knew how to hold his head and eyes just right when asking a passer-by for food or spare change. Danny knew a lot about staying alive on the streets of Manhattan, but knew nothing of any space race. How would he know?"... – A Cause For Celebration

"The watch, a timepiece really, was a gift from the Board of Directors. Perhaps to make our level of authority clear, they gave him the timepiece for Christmas last year, while they gave us a ham. Since then, Ted led in everything that we did."... – My Watch

"If we keep eating the apples at this rate, soon there will be none left." "Okay," the boy answered, biting into the apple."... – The Bright Girl

The first story, His Majesty, Red Albert, is below. Enjoy.