The Track - A novel by Kevin Mangold



Role: Author

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS, this story puts on display, the real lives of professional agents, jockeys, trainers, owners, fans and horses.

    Travis Ross battles his way into the world of Thoroughbred horseracing, riding his first race at the age that most jockeys retire. He discovers danger, violence and hope among the thrill of the race and the fight to rise to the top of the Monarch Downs jockey colony.

    From the beginner, with stars in his eyes, to the seasoned pro athlete who lives the life of a rock star, “The Track” shows how real jockeys live and die.

Sal Folger is a jockey agent who has seen better days. Better known as ‘King of the Bug Boys’, Sal is known for starting careers of apprentice jockeys and losing them to other agents as they proceed with their careers. With the help of an unlikely jockey, Sal gets his life together and, in return, gives Travis his chance to ride among the best jockeys in the world.